Hang Nga’s Tree House

A house in a tree or a tree in a house? 

A treehotel in Vietnam has been built by the architect Hang Viet Nga, for sure it wasn’t difficult for her having all the permissions, since she is the daughter of the ex-president of Vietnam. This tree-hotel is like a Lewis Carroll book or a Gaudì architecture, also contains theme rooms, balconies and a garden for the guests. Unlucky It’s not just a tree but also made of concrete and other materials.

People say that they prefer to enjoy the night in another hotel an come here just to visit it, maybe because it’s too strange, or they have fear, or because the visitors can enter from 7am to take a look, so you could wake up with some tourist in your room!
Anyway it’s a strange and curious architecture!

 More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by travelogues

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