Cedar Creek Treehouse

“Imagine waking up to the music of a mountain stream flowing by your cabin — except that your cabin is 50 feet up in a giant cedar tree with a view seen only by the birds”. Cedar Creek Treehouse      

Do you want a different vacation and sleeping at 50 feet above the ground??? You can find the solution in Ashford, Washington at the Cedar Creek Treehouse Hotel! This treehouse has been built on a 200-year-old Cedar tree growing through the floor and out the roof.

The handwork of Bill Compher and his family was internationally acclaimed for its design and craftsmanship.

At first, in the early 1980s, Mr. Compher built a platform reached by a wooden ladder, where installed also a pulley system replete with baskets to haul food and water above.

The treehouse is a 16 feet square with a small-enclosed porch with a sunroom and the toilet. Inside a small  stove, a kitchen sink and ice chest, while -above in a loft – two double size beds and big windows and skylights from which people can see the surroundings trees and nature! There’s also electricity thanks to a photovoltaic system!

Another octagonal structure has been built in the years at 100 feet high in a nearby Fir tree, the “Stairway to Heaven” –a quote of Led Zeppelin or just because it’s like being in heaven at that highness?- reached by a spiral staircase. Also a 43 feet-long rainbow-swinging bridge suspended reach the stairs, if you want to improve your braveness!

From here people can have a wonderful view on Nisqually Valley and the peaks nearby, like Mt. Rainier.

Another 68 feet-long bridge has been built in 2010, the Sun Bridge, connects to a floating web platform. “This web, 50’ long and 75’ high, will support a new treehouse that will be built.

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Cedar Creek Treehouse

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Pics by Meemerdog

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