Have you ever thought to leave everything and explore the world?

This is the story of the family Goodwin: dad, mum and two little sons, who left their home to travel all around the world. Given is the name of this movie and you can find it on Netflix!

One big message from this movie is that you can travel all around the world but “it’s important to retrace your path, because it helps you to understand who you are”. The big son and the dad go to visit an old house where his dad lived. Here everything was covered by the trees. “The only thing that it was there, it was the treehouse that my grandpa made for my dad a long time ago”. Given

The end of the path that you have to retrace bring you to a treehouse that is still in perfect conditions! Given then adds that ” we are like birds, we make a nest wherever we go”. The treehouse, once again a place to play and take shelter!

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