Draw your treehouse of dreams

Have you ever thought how it could be your treehouse?

I always believed that if you can see the reality with the eyes of a child and have the knowledge of an adult you’ll reach the wisdom!

In architecture almost all the big architects or the archistars how we call them, they reached this status. In this way you can surprise the people, give them emotions, feelings, like a child who sees something for the first time.

For this reason I truly believe that the coolest treehouses have been built by people who can see the reality in a child way, or that the project came from a child and has been built by an adult!

This is the project of Edoardo, for his treehouse. He’s 8 years old and I guess he will have a brilliant future in the world of architecture and treehouses! 🙂

And your one? How does it look like?

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