Give me a five!

Hometreehome is 5 Years old!!!

Five years ago I started writing this blog. The idea -as you maybe already know, if you read some interview about me- came from my sister. I had this passion since I was a child, our grandfather built us one, and since then I found this style of living wonderful!!!

Growing up I decided to study at the Architecture at the University and after it, I followed some curses at the Klimahaus in Bolzano. Every time that I founded on the net some treehouses, I archived it in my computer, since then my sister told me: “You have such a big storage, why don’t you write a blog about it?” So Hometreehome is born!

I would like to thank my sister of course, because she pushed me to write it, all the people who in these years sent me their treehouses and shared their stories with me and of course you that you are reading my blog!!

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