Fight for your rights

I think that people have always to fight for their rights in a pacific way and what this guy do it’s incredible! Chapeau!

“Connected Off-the-Grid is a multimedia photo project” by the photographer Rachel Bujalski  “that explores a collection of people living the new “American Dream””. In this project Rachel trough the photos tell us the stories of some people who decided to live in a different and alternative way, someone for a choice and others to reach a goal.

Carbohydrate,” – for instance “an alias this tree-sitter gave himself, sips a cup of tea from the wooden platform he built in a 220-foot giant redwood tree in Trinidad, California. Tied by climbing rope to the 14-foot-diameter trunk, his goal, along with that of other tree-sitters, is to stop logging companies from clear-cutting the forests. Nestled deep in the trees, tree-sitters cook, eat, sleep, use the bathroom, connect to the Internet, and keep entertained on platforms as small as four feet by eight feet for weeks to years at a time”. National Geographic

How many of you will leave everything and all their comforts to live on a platform in the middle of the forest?

Pic by Rachel Bujalski. All rights reserved.

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