Djuren Treehouse

Another great architecture of Andreas Wenning!

A structure with the shape of an egg this special treehouse is located in the wood near Bremen (Germany). The windows and the furniture -influenced by the form of the treehouse- follow the shape of the whole structure to create an harmonious architecture.
The seating area, covered in grey wool felt, provides a comfortable lounge area for a large number of people, but Andreas designed also a small concave for a couple who simply wants to cuddle and watch the stars.

The wood used for the structure is a red bamboo and oiled oak for the floor that with the glasses, the grey felt and the white of the walls create an atmosphere of relax.

Andreas is for sure my favourite architect of treehouses. He can combine the style and the technology with architecture, so to produce an energetic, fresh, minimal and elegant architecture on a tree!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Baumraum


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