Baumhaus Hotel

Would you like to live for one night in a myth and legend concerning trolls and fairies??

In Görliz, Germany, is situated the Baumhaus hotel since 2005, where clients can choose between 8 tree houses at 8-10m above the ground.
Every house is linked to the others by a walkway joining the center with the “platform of celebration”, where take place the reception and a site where clients can leave their luggage.

In every house you can find a little sitting room, a bedroom and a toilette, almost every one has also a terrace where people can stay to read, or chill or drink a German beer who can find in the minibar. While just three houses have a big bathroom and can accommodate six people. Tree houses additionally offer an extraordinary open-air, chilled water shower with a metal grid floor where you can see the ground below you.

The decorations of the houses are different one from the other, and also the architectonical choices are not traditional. For examples the windows are off-angle and also the walls. Maybe they where inspired by nature, as Hundertwasser supported, nothing in nature has a right angle, for this reason he planned his houses with not plan floor or with windows not common.

Each houses has hidden “collectors items” and other tucked-away oddities for guests to discover. In a few cases whole rooms are behind secret passageways! So, what are you waiting for???

For further information:
Kulturinsel Einsiedel

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