A treehouse in Franklin…

A few days ago I talked with Bjon and his wife Laurel, a photographer. They live in Franklin (USA) and have decided to build a treehouse, at the beginning for they children, but now they use it too.

Hi Bjon! Could you tell us about your treehouse: why did you build it?
I built the treehouse because I had told my children in passing one day that I should do it. My wife overheard this and told me I HAD to do it now since her dad had always said that and never done it. So, I did.

Which is the function?
It’s a play house for my kids, but we enjoy it just as much as they do.
There are essentially two rooms, one on each floor. The bottom floor is my daughter’s area and the top is my son’s.

What kind of tree is it?
It’s a pine tree.
I’m not sure of the dimensions…but it’s a big tree!

Who built the treehouse? And could you describe it for us?
Bjon Pankratz is my name. I am the designer/builder. It just started simple and then grew from there.
We just used pressure treated wood, plywood, recycled windows, tin roof, concrete footers (buried), and paint. It is painted grey, blue, and pink on different parts of the inside. I built a ladder on the side of the treehouse and it stands about 17 feet to the top of the treehouse. And… I will be building a slide attached to the treehouse hopefully soon.

Is there any electrical or water system inside?
No electricity, just some battery operated touch lights screwed into the ceilings.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pankratz for spending their time answering to my questions. If you want to see more pics about the treehouse, you can go to Laurel’s blog!

For further information
Laurel’s blog

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by
Eilas Photography

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