A Pirate ship on a tree

A treehouse with the shape of a pirate ship in Castro Valley, California, that a grandfather built  for his grandchildren and their parents.


Dave Coleman, this is the name of this grandfather, said that their grandchildren wanted a treehouse and he had already built boats and other stuff in his past, so that wasn’t so different, except for that it was on redwood trees.

Almost of the boat treehouse’s wood came from recycled wood :” The decking is reclaimed wood from an old fence on the property.  The stern railing was part of a bed frame, and the two cannons were feet from the same bed.    The bowsprit (spar sticking out in front) is partly from an old sailboat boom saddle, and the name placard on the transom were also found on the property and reused”. (From a letter of Dave Coleman to SFGate)


Pics by SFGate

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