Urnatur Treehouses

A magical place where you can live surrounded and in contact by nature and sleeping in a treehouse!

“The Wood Hermitage is part of Urnatur. We distinguish between what we call the Wood Hermitage because it is a 500m walk from the farm up to the woods. It‘s up here all cottages and treehouses for overnight stay are.
In the hermitage there is no electricity or internet. If it gets cold in the cottage, you light the fire in the stove, when it gets dark, you light candles & lantern.
You can not
go by
car to the wood hermitage“. Urnatur

An opportunity to spend some time reconnecting with the nature and find again the value of simplicity.

Moreover you can choose to sleep in three different Treehouses:

The little Treehouse
uratur_the little treehouse pic

The first treehouse that has been built can gust just 1 person and was built inspired by the life of Huckleberry Finn. “Anchored in two sturdy aspens it offers a magnificent view of a small dale and the swan lake. The hut is the brightest and smallest house of them all“. Urnatur

The Air Castle
urnatur_air castle pic

The Air castle is for 2 persons, the perfect solution for a honeymoon or for a special occasion! “A spiral staircase that grows out from the pine tree leads you up to the veranda. Another little ladder brings you even up higher – to a gazebo on the roof the treehouse. Another platform around a pine tree can be reached by a suspension bridge. The room itself is rather small with and with a 160cm double bed and a view over both forest and pastures“. Urnatur
But pay attention: this solution is not safe for kids! 

The Family Treeurnatur_family tree pic1

The biggest treehouse, for 4+2 persons, is attached to ten pine trees. If outside is cold, you can make a fire and when the sun sets, you can lit the lanterns.
Different windows can bring the light inside the living room of the treehouse where you can sit reading a book or talking with someone and observe the nature outside. 

urnatur_family tree pic2

I can really imagine myself in this wonderful room: outside is snowing, inside the fire burn in the stove and I’m sitting on this sofa sipping a hot chocolate and reading a book!

urnatur_family tree pic3

For further information take a look at Urnatur‘s website.

Pics by Urnatur. All rights reserved.


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