Treehouse Masters_Twenty-Ton Texas Treehouse

Are you ready for the show? 


One of the biggest treehouse designer and builder will show you how to realize a real house on a tree!
In the first episode called “Twenty-Ton Texas Treehouse” Mr. Nelson with all his energy and passion for his job will show us the project of one of the biggest treehouse he has never built in Waco, Texas with all the comfort of a real house for a family that is growing up.
For 41 minutes he’ll bring you on the tree showing what he an his team could make just in 4 weeks and meanwhile some funny graphic-drawings will explain you how the house will be!

I don’t want to tell you more, just sign on your agenda that the 31st of May you have an appointment with Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet! And if you’re curious, just take a look at the trailer.

And pay attention…don’t miss any details, everything with Nelson’s team is studied!

Personally I love this series and I found it such a great idea, what I didn’t like in this episode was just a story in the story like an advertisement…anyway, I’ll wait for your opinion about it! Enjoy it!!!

For further information:
Pete Nelson
Animal Planet

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