Tucker’s Treehouse

An incredible story is behind this treehouse, but unlucky without happy ending!

In 1974 Mr. Tucker promised his son to build a treehouse, but he never maintain the promise.
Just in 1986 he started to build the treehouse in Minnetonka Blvd in Minnesota (USA). But that was the beginning f the end for Mr. Tucker.
“When a St. Louis Park citizen asked the City Council why he had to get a permit to build a deck while Tucker was building his structure without one, the city took a look.  Inspectors decided that it was indeed a structure, and as such had to meet certain code requirements as to the width of the stairs, height of support beams, safety features, etc.  The building was condemned by the inspection department and the City Council voted 6-0 to order it razed unless it could be shown to be structurally sound”. St Louis Park
After different months of court cases regarding the treehouse, Mr. Tucker finally could live the treehouse, even if with limitations.
In 2014 part of the house felt down and in 2015 he was definitively asked to destroy the treehouse. The last board was taken down on 31. October 2015.
This was the end of this sad story.

Pics by St Louis Park. All rights reserved.

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