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A lot of big and nice news are coming from Denmark!!!

Back in July four entrepreneurs opened the doors to the treetop hotel Løvtag which consists of an exclusive cottage with kitchen, bath and room for four overnight guests. The cottage is built around a tree and is situated eight meters above ground. It is located in a forest by Als Odde, a peninsula in Northern Jutland. Since then the project has received a lot of media attention, both national and international, and the cottage was swiftly booked solid until the summer of 2020.

It has been overwhelming. We have had guests from all over Denmark and many from other countries in Europe. We have found articles about the cottage from countries as far away as Peru, Russia and Indonesia, so it seems we have something that many find interesting”, says Rasmus Lybæk, initiator of the project.

The immense interest surrounding the cottage has prompted Løvtag to invest further in the project and build two new cottages. The special screw piles that support the cottages have just been placed in the ground, and the two new cottages are expected to be completed next summer.

It is of course a gamble, but the demand for our first cottage has been massive. Many have tried to book the cottage in vain, as it has been sold out, so it is our belief as well as our hope that we are able to attract enough guests for the next two cottages as well” says Nanna Balsby from Løvtag. 

The new cottages are being built after the same model as the existing where every square centimetre has been utilised optimally to gain as much as possible from the 25 square meters that make up the cottage’s floor plan. The cottages are being built 40-50 metres apart, so it will still be possible to enjoy the forest from the treetop in peace and quiet.

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the guests that have stayed at the cottage, both on décor and the architecture. So, we will only be changing small details from the first cottage” informs architect Sigurd Larsen, who has designed the cottages.

Just like the first cottage, the following two will be built by the contractor company Bjarne Brath A/S. Løvtag has named the cottages Et, Ro and Ly. The new cottages are already available for booking on Løvtag, check it out!!!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Løvtag. All rights reserved.

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