Treehouses Small Spaces in Nature

Do you need a good a idea for a gift? Or did you finish to read your favourite book and do you need an advice? Or simply do you love treehouses and do you want to know more about it? Treehouses  Small Spaces in Nature  is the answer!Cover 3D

“Tree houses have an irresistible fascination. It’s a childhood dream, the secret nest among leaves and branches, a symbol of adventure, romance, freedom. When grown-ups continue dreaming that dream, the results can be rather grown up, too. There is the traditional timber shack haphazardly clinging to the trunk – but there is also the elegant living room balancing among the boughs, built to high standards of comfort and design”. DOM publishers

As architect I could describe Andreas Wenning and his treehouses simply as: when technology meets the trees using the sensibility of  the nature!


This book by the architect Andreas Wenning and edited by DOM publishers, it’s a collection of over 30 innovative treehouses in Europe and around the world designed by him. For each project you can have a precise description of the treehouse and information about the tree, the static and the main dimension of the house, so that also the most curious people can have all the information they want! And if you don’t like to read, you can just look the high quality pictures and imagine to be there! Moreover you can find a short overview of living on the trees in the history and as protest and more interesting things about the relation between trees and treehouses as introduction of the book.

For all the lovers of the books, this is not just a book with a high quality paper and print with hard cover, but you can also bookmark your favourite treehouse to travel to it whenever you want!

If you want a copy or you need more information about it, just click on this link: Treehouses  Small Spaces in Nature and if you want further information about Andreas Wenning Architect and follow his last projects, just take a look at his website baumraum.


pics by DOM publishers and baumraum

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