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This is the story of Toni, who built a treehouse near Massa Carrara (Tuscany-Italy) all by himself mainly for his granddaughter but also for him and his friends… 

Hello Toni, could you talk about your treehouse: why did you build a treehouse?
Hello! The idea of a treehouse was in my mind for many years, but then this spring this idea became real! At the beginning the treehouse was a simple game for my little granddaughter, but then we used it too for dinner and aperitif!

Which is the function?
My purpose was to give the children a place to play and for the adults a place where they could have fun – both children and adults appreciate it-.

How many, if there are, rooms have the treehouse?
There’s just one room. The dimensions are 3×2 meters and it’s 2 meters high.

What kind oh tree is it?
It’s a fir of more than 50 years old, high almost 9 meters and with a diameter of at least 2 meters.

Who built the treehouse?
I built it all by myself, just for the roof someone helped me!

Which materials did you use, can you describe it for us?
The mainly structure consists of scaffolding tubular in aluminum, strictly approved by law. The “walls” are made of electrowelded net and at which I tied river’s reeds, which were strictly cut in the waning moon phase, because so they are more resistant! The north wall, instead, it’s made of hard plastic to protect the house from the rain. The floor can hold 300 Kg/m2 and I covered it with wooden planks, and I used bark and cortex to finish the corners and the roof. Finally the gutter pipe is just a big piece of bamboo!

Has it been painted?
No, everything is natural, I didn’t use any colour.

What is the highness from the ground?
And what did you use to reach it? Since this treehouse it’s for children mainly, for their safely I built a wooden stairs with a handrail in bamboo.

Is there any electrical or water system inside?
At the moment there’s just an electrical system, but it’s my desire and intention to set up a solar panel for lighting, but with calm…

I’d like to add that the cost of this dream was just 2€!!! Yes, two euro!!! I just bought the galvanized iron wire that I used to tie the reeds. One of my purposes was to build something that had no costs and using recycled materials! Obviously I made everything according to the law! So the children can play safely! Even if, as I already told, this treehouse was used also from us –adults- for dinners, aperitifs and sometimes we slept on it during the summer!

Thank you Toni for spending your time answering to my questions, enjoy your treehouse!


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