Treehouse Men

Are you ready for a new series about treehouses? In Spring the Animal Planet will bring it in your house, and you can just enjoy it from your sofa!


Pete Nelson and his team will help his clients to have the treehouse of their dreams! Treehouse Men -this is the name of the show- it’s about a family business that wishes to live on a treehouse, just to feel living like a bird! The designers and carpenters will build the most fabulous, innovative treehouses in contact with nature. People could see dangerous construction and crazy heights to fulfill the desires of the eccentric clients. in the forest of USA and around the world!

So…don’t miss it and meanwhile just take  look at the video below to see a building workshop with Pete Nelson.


An important updating!!!

The name of the show by Animal Planet in collaboration with Pete Nelson is TREEHOUSE MASTERS!

If you don’t remember who Pete Nelson is just take a look at these treehouses:

The Trillium Treehouse
Heidi Treehouse chalet
Beach Rock Treehouse
Temple of the Blue Moon

For further information:
Pete Nelson
Animal Planet



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