Treehouse life. Safe or not?

Living in a treehouse is a dream that almost everyone had since when he/she was a child. But how would it be to live in a treehouse now?

Sometimes I ask me, if I could live in a treehouse, what I would miss from a real house and what I would enjoy that I don’t have now in a normal house.
I always come at the same answer after this test: that I wouldn’t miss anything of what I have in a normal house. In a treehouse you can have: water, electricity, different rooms, terrace and also a fireplace! I could live at direct contact with the nature, no neighbours, no people around…
The only negative point would be that alone in a treehouse I wouldn’t feel safe! Nowadays is not quite safe living isolated far from the other people. Or the best solution would be: living in a treehouse on the mountains. I have this idea that bad people are lazy and for sure they wouldn’t climb a mountain to steal you something! So….yes, I would definitely live in a treehouse on the mountains!

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