Treehouse hostage

An adventurous and funny movie on a treehouse directed by Sean McNamara!!!

Timmy Taylor and his two friends, Stevie and Buddy capture escaped convict Carl Banks and hold him hostage in their treehouse over the weekend so that Timmy can use Carl as his current event project at school on Monday. The boys then find that Carl is mixed up in a counterfeiting ring that could spell trouble for them too.

This treehouse is a funny one with some games hanged outside like a swing, car wheel and son on. Children reach the treehouse by a ladder and enter through a circle hatch on the floor. Inside it seems a real house with all the comfort: with sofa, a little table, chairs, computer, carpet, wardrobe, … This is a real shelter for these children where they meet for their inventions and plans.

Enjoy the movie…meanwhile, take a look to the pics below!!!

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