Treehouse Canopy Room

Like in Will Smith song, this treehouse is screaming you: “Welcome to Miami / Bienvenidos a Miami

In the hot summer days nothing is better to sleep in a treehouse, close to a farm, where you can finally sleep with a breeze far from the heat of the city!

“Walk up narrow staircase to the 3rd level of the treehouse, nestled within the pithocilobium tree. Feel like you’re living in the trees! Beautiful view of canopy and animals. There’s a double bed for two. Shared kitchen downstairs. The Bahamas style bathroom is located a few steps away from the Treehouse and the lovely outdoor shower is also close by. Bathroom and shower have hot water.
Due to height of treehouse, no children are allowed (sorry). From the canopy room, you will hear animal sounds and possibly midnight train horns”. Treehouse Canopy Room

Check the availability on Airbnb to reserve your night in this beautiful treehouse!

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