The Woodnest

This treehouse has been designed by the Norwegian architects Helen & Hard. Looking at the pics it’s like been in a pine cone with a wonderful view on a fjord… just amazing!!!

20 minutes walk from Odda (in the South-West of Norway) in the middle of the forest have been built two treehouses. Thanks to small timber bridges can people reach the treehouse.

The architecture is a specific response to the topography and conditions of the site itself. Inextricably crafted from nature, each treehouse is suspended 5-6m above the forest floor and fastened with a steel collar to the individual trunk of a living pine tree.

At just 15m2, carefully organised inside around the central tree trunk itself are four sleeping places, a bathroom, a kitchen area and a living space.

At the very core of the project is the appreciation of timber as a building material. Inspired by the Norwegian cultural traditions of vernacular timber architecture, together with a desire to experiment with the material potential of wood, the architecture is structurally supported by the tree trunk itself, and formed from a series of radial glu-laminated timber ribs. The untreated natural timber shingles encase the volume creating a protective skin around the building, which will weather over time to merge and blend with the natural patina of the surrounding forest”. Helen & Hard Architects

I really love these treehouses, they are a “small jewel” (as we said in Italy for something really nice and tiny) those fit perfectly in the surrounding nature. The architecture is not disturbing and prevailing on the landscape, but it becomes part of it.

Pics credits Helen & Hard Architects. All rights reserved.

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