The Whidbey Wellness in the Woods

I think that Christmas is magical because of the lights that decorate the streets and houses and the cold outside and the snow that is falling from the sky that give the possibility to join our home and your relatives and friends. For this reason the feelings and the atmosphere is nice and colorful! Now think to have all this in a treehouse!!!! 

The Whidbey Wellness in the Woods located in the Whidbey Island, Washington is ready for the Christmas time. The owners of this treehouse  decorated it, to give the feelings and the right Christmas atmosphere to all the guests who will join their treehouse!

A very simple treehouse, with big windows to be in the nature and integrated with it. Moreover the colors of the house are the same of the surrounded nature to be camouflage and to form a whole with it.

Also the decorations are minimal but at the same time give you the sensation of a warm place, of family, of home!

For further information, please visit The Whidbey Wellness in the Woods‘ website.

Pics by The Whidbey Wellness in the Woods. All rights reserved.

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