The Untitled Treehouse

A talented cinematographer and editor with the passion for the treehouses! This is Michael Victor!

In his website you can find different treehouses, like this one, that has still not a name, maybe someone of you can help them to give it one!

This treehouse was very recently built and doesn’t even have a name yet. It was created by my friends Jake, Bubba, Ian, Mike, Forest, Rich, Charlie, Mary and few other names that escape my memory. From visiting the build site throughout the construction, I’ve gotta say this has to be most secure treehouse I’ve ever been in. While building to or above the code specs, they didn’t forget to add plenty of whimsical features. Walkways to rope bridges to fireman poles. Why walk on the ground when you can stroll through the canopy! The main perch, in the center of the photo above, overlooks a field that could be straight out of shire. The rope bridge next to it leads to a bunk bed cabin with old ship port holes for windows, and a fireman pole is there should a need for a quick exit be necessary. The main interior is currently empty, but holds the master craftsmanship of the carpenters. Working with salvaged wood and creating curved angles is no easy feat. The added headaches were well worth it IMO giving it real character”.  Michael Victor

Pics by Michael Victor. All rights reserved.

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