The Trillium tree house

A tree house planned by Pete Nelson that keeps the name from beautiful flowers that grew to the feet of the tree!

A little tree house, built to the side of a western red cedar, has been planned by Pete Nelson and built by Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington.
They started to design and build this tree house during a five days workshop at the Northwest Treehouse School.

People can reach the house by a spiral stairs that turns around the trunk. Two struts that discharge their forces on the trunk support the tree house to the opposite side of the stair. Inside the house is very brightly lit with natural light, thanks to the countless windows. Once you enter there’s a sitting room with a comfortable atmosphere and from this floor you can reach the loft-bedroom with a wooden ladder.
Also the wiring is present!!! It’s a simple and perfect shelter for the raining days or to chill in the warm days!


A video that explains the tree house

For further information

 More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Treehousepoint

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