The Treewalkers

Do you remember the project of the Pinecone Treehouse signed by the O2 Treehouse team? Now a new project is coming up!!!

During this lockdown time, the O2 Treehouse team designed a new concept of treehouse: the Treewalkers!
With this project, they wanted “to create a stunning and inspired architectural forms that delighted the heart and soul and bring people together in unique natural settings. In this way, they believe that the disconnect between humans and the natural world may bring to heal”. O2 Treehouse

Treewalkrs is a franchise-based hospitality brand that leads homeowners a way to launch into the home sharing market with low risk and a high ROI; and -at the same time – lends travelers an easily accessible network of eco experience“. O2 Treehouse

Moreover the Treewalkers will provide unique event concepts to its franchise locations allowing each location to thrive as a community hub.

For more infos, to join the Treewalkers Email list and to become an owner of a Treewalker, check the O2 Treehouse website!

Pics and video by O2 Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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