The TreeOffice

How do you think it would be working in a office that has a treehouse inside of it?


Since people spent most of the time working in office, some companies decided to invest money in restyling their office, to have a comfortable and creative place, where everyone can feel at home. Missing Link, in Johannesburg, South Africa, created a place where people can feel an extra-experience, so to have different spaces and sensations that surprise and absorb the first time visitor and the daily workers. The office of the chef is in a treehouse, on an old and died tree, their reused its trunk for the structure of the wood house. For sure it’s not a treehouse with the nature surroundings, but anyway, I think that everyone would like to have a place like this as office!

For further information or if you want to work on this treehouse:
Missing Link

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Architizer

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