The Tree Sauna at the Treehotel

What is better than a sauna surrounded by nature? Above all if this sauna is on a tree!

The Treehotel give you also this possibility, a place where all the four basic elements are united: earth, fire, air and water, or as the Treehotel quote: “an encounter with the four basic elements; fertile earth, burning fire, fresh air and clean, drinkable water”.

The tree-sauna like the bird’s nest and the Ufo has designed by the Swedish architect Bertil Harström. The material he used for this building is obviously wood in connection with the woods outside, is on two floors and it can accommodate up to eight people and people can also enjoy the relaxing area.

As it’s described on the Treehotel website “A sauna in the woods is both natural and sensible. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato saw the connection between trees and steam baths. It’s the reason he moved his lessons to a garden next to the popular steam bathhouse. Plato knew that trees and steam baths together made the perfect stimulus for philosophical thoughts and ideas”.

So, don’t wait, just book your favourite tree-room and enjoy the tree-sauna!

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More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Peter Lundstrom

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