The Tree House Restaurant in Monteverde

Have you ever been in a “Tree Restaurant”?
Manuela was travelling around Costa Rica when she found out this special restaurant. The sign outside said “Treehouse” she was curious to experience a lunch on a tree but the surprise was bigger than she thought!

Read what she told me about her experience!
In the center of Monteverde Costa Rica there is a Restaurant called Tree House. At first sight you just see the sign and think cool! Then when you look inside you actually see a Tree in the middle of the House. Just then you realize that the restaurant has been built around the tree. It’s amazing. We went there for lunch, when you enter the house you just see the stairs going up around the trunk of the tree and then the floor of the restaurant is built around the tree. When you’re eating you see the branches and the leaves all over your head, and sometimes a leaf maybe falls down in your plate… ops.

It was a nice experience, not scary at all just interesting and cool to eat surrounded by branches and leaves.
The food is really good and not too expensive but also not so cheap. If you’re going to Monteverde Costa Rica it’s funny to stop at the Tree House also just to drink a coffee“.

Tnx to Manuela for this report and if you are in Costarica and you want to eat at this restaurant, check the Tree House‘s website!

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