The Playground Project Treehouse

An exhibition about playgrounds, where everyone, young kids and old kids can play!

the playground project pic

In the exhibition “The Playground Project” at the Kunsthalle in Zurich, you can find different rooms with different kinds of playgrounds. Between all the playground of course there’s also a treehouse!

But read more about this interesting exhibition!

“Until the 1980s – and in rare cases until today – playgrounds were places for social experiments, risky projects, and spectacular sculptures. Architects, urban planners, artists, parents, and children were invited to leave their comfort zone and to venture something new. Curated by Gabriela BurkhalterThe Playground Project will bring many of these exemplary, but nowadays forgotten initiatives, pioneering acts, and adventures back, and install three playgrounds for children to run, hide and climb. May our cities invent new playgrounds!

We’re not only showing playgrounds for kids, we also are a playground! Come, climb into our Lozziwurm, tie knots in the rope studio, sit at the large table to draw and built, and take a swing on our long ropes!” Kunsthalle

For further info check the Kunsthalle‘s website!

Tnx to Renata for the tip!

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