The Osprey Treehouse

A wonderful treehouse located in Washington, the best place where you can relax and enjoy the nature around you. A treehouse with an interesting story in its name…

“Aptly named the Osprey Treehouse because the Osprey spent the summer hovering and watching us build the treehouse. This 20 foot Octagon is built around a single grand old Douglas Fir that is 42” in diameter. There are oversized windows and a sliding door that give you the feeling of being high up in the trees. The entrance into the treehouse is level and parking is close.

This treehouse was built using local wood resources – Douglas Fir timbers milled by Anderson’s Custom Sawing, NW Cedar both Red and Port Orford line the walls and trim, Reclaimed Gorge Ponderosa Pine, Cherry, Maple and Alder round out a true all wood structure. Private bathroom with Shower, Sink and Toilet.

When standing on the front deck you are 35 feet above the road with a birds eye view of the river and property below. The treehouse is quite secluded located on the east end of the property nestled in amongst other trees. There is no TV or Wifi connection at this point but the connection you will get by enjoying the surroundings will surely be worth it”.

For further information: The Osprey Treehouse

More pictures in the gallery below.

Pics by: The Osprey Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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