The Korowai Tribe and the treehouses

I’ve already written about this Korowai’s tribe in  the southeastern Papua (Indonesian New Guinea), who are still leaving in treehouses. But I can give you more information about it!

Do you know why they decided to live above the ground? The presence of water in the territory where they live is always consistent and the flood’s risk is extreme. Moreover, the people are living in different tribe and another risk is the conflict between them.
For these reasons and of course also to protect themselves from the animals, they started to build their houses above the ground. The high from the land is never the same. It depends of course of the trees and the risk, not only of the reason that I told you before but also of the risk of an evil spirit. Usually the houses are built 8-12 meter from the ground but sometime they can reach also 30/40 meter! And every house can host different families and people.
The tree that host the house is usually a wamboon or banyan. The floor, the walls and the main structure are made of wood, while the roof will be covered of palm’s leaves.
Also the access at these treehouses is quite peculiar. A grooved pole with a shape of small steps is the only way to reach the top. Of course this pole will be taken off in case of assault!


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