The Islands Treehouse

The Islands Treehouse or Fred and Ginger Treehouse?

There are some architects that or you love their architecture or you hate it. For sure you can’t stay in the middle way.

One of this is Frank O’ Gehry. A lot of architects love him -like me- but a lot of others say that it’s not architecture what he made, it’s sculpture and that you can’t say that its buildings are architecture. Everyone has his own personal opinion…

Anyway, if you know this architect, you should also know Fred and Ginger building in Prague in honor of the two dancers.

Fred and Ginger in Prague by Frank O’ Gehry

When I saw this treehouse, the first thing that it came in my mind was: this is the Fred and Ginger Treehouse version! I don’t really think that it was designed by Gehry, but I’m pretty sure that the architect or builder has been inspired by him.

The Islands Tree House in Sweden

The Islands Tree Houses are located in Haverö, Västernorrland County, Sweden. You will be picked up by a boat and you will be brought on the island in the middle of the nature to enjoy a new experience!

For further information: The Islands Tree Houses

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by The Islands Tree Houses

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