The grass harp

If you need to escape from a situation, where would you go? On a treehouse of course!

the grass harp pic

I just finished to read this book written by Truman Capote. A very nice and funny book that speaks about a treehouse!
“Just entering the woods there was a double-trunked China tree, really two trees, but their branches were so embraced that you could step from one into the other; in fact, they were bridged by a tree-house; spacious, sturdy, a model of a tree-house, it was like a raft floating in a sea of leaves. … To reach it was easy as climbing stairs; there where footholds of gnarled bark and tough vines to grip; even Catherine, who was heavy around the hips and complained of rheumatism, had no trouble. But Catherine felt no love for the tree house; she did not know, as Dolly knew and made me know, that it was a ship, that to sit it up there was to sail long the cloudy coastline of every dream”.

The treehouse is one of the main characters of the novel, where people can find a shelter and where every problem will be solved.

You can see also the movie “The grass harp”, below the trailer, but I suggest you to read the book and use your fantasy to imagine how this treehouse is.

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