The Forrestree

The Forrestree belongs to theOut’n’About Treehouse resort in Cave Junction, Oregon (USA).

“The Forestree is about 35 feet off of the ground and is accessed by climbing three flights of stairs and crossing two suspension bridges. The room itself is a single room unit with a queen bed, single wide bunk beds, a small single cot built into the wall, a mini refrigerator and a toilet and sink. The toilet and sink are not private, they are only separated from the room by a small curtain, and they are mainly in there so you don’t have to go down 35 feet in the middle of the night to use the restroom. There are full bathrooms located on the ground for your use”. Out’n’About

Check it out the video below, to have a virtual tour in this treehouse!

Pic and video by Out’n’About. All rights reserved.


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