The Enchanted Forest

Do you remember the fairytale treehouse? Finally I found something about it!15-the-enchanted-forest-bc-attraction-revelstoke

Its name is Enchanted Forest and it was created by Doris and her husband, Ernest Needham, in Revelstoke (Canada).
“Doris Needham was an artist in Revelstoke during the 1950’s. She made unusual fairy tale figurines from cement by shaping her creations by hand, without the use of molds or forms. Desiring to find the perfect setting for her handiwork, she searched for two years and finally chose this unique but isolated location between Revelstoke and Sicamous, BC. This endeavour turned into a retirement project, which Doris and her husband Ernest named their Enchanted Forest“. Enchanted Forest


On 1st July 1960, the Enchanted Forest opened its doors to the public, since then different things are changed, and from a  simple and little dream has become a big world of fantasy.
Another little nice ad funny treehouse is in the park, this one is not on a tree, but in the tree!


You can read the whole story and have more information at Enchanted Forest’s website.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Enchanted Forest


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