The Blum Treehouse

A father decided to build this special ship-tree-house for his children!!!


The architect Dustin Feider was called to build it in Hollywood (California) in April 2009. The owner commissioned this special tree-house because his children had very little space to play in the backyard.

The architect designed the tree-house like a ship, with a cabin for the captain, a bow and a stern. It has been rigged into the hillside using steel cables and anchored with concrete footings.

Children can enter “by climbing a rope ladder up the hillside, through an under carriage entry, up a second ladder, and through a trap door onto the ‘poop deck’ of the tree-ship”. o2treehouse


Through the trap door you arrive on the tree-house and enter in the main space (the cabin) that has no roof on it and from this space to a terrace.
The house is 20 feet long for 6 feet wide. It’s made meanly of wood and the structure of aluminum “I” beams.

For further information:

More pics in the gallery below.

pics by o2treehouse


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