The Biodiversity Nest

A sustainable treehouse for the Eden Project!


Jerry Tate Architects were called to design a special treehouse in collaboration with Blue Forest for the Eden Project in Cornwall (England), an eco-place where exist two different biomes, one tropical and the other Mediterranean, where a lot of different plant species are.

The Biodiversity Nest, this is the name of this treehouse, in addiction of  galvanized steel structure, the architects thought to make a structure experimenting heat-treated softwoods that will form the timber enclosure and the deck of the treehouse. This treehouse will be part of the  Rainforest Aerial Walkway  – “an inspirational and transformative experience. A generation that does not understand or value the natural world will not strive to protect it, but Eden is uniquely placed to demonstrate the vital role rainforests play in all our lives and to inspire action”. Eden Project

For further information:
Eden Project

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Detail

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