Teapot Treehouse

Imagine to drink a cup of tea in a treeahouse surrounded by the nature. Don’t you think that this would be wonderful? And what about of being in the teapot supping some tea?

The Chinese Gu Yuezi of Chen Village, in the Guangdong province, designed his own treehouse in a form of a a teapot. The 64 years old decided in the 2006 to become a hermit and live i the jungle near the city of Foshan, in the south of the country.

After trying the city life as a landscape designer  he decided to retire and live in the forest. He designed his treehouse in a form of  a giant tea pot and a bird nest on the base.

The whole structure is around ten square metres in diameter, underpinned by six trees and is equipped with a hall, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. And with the floor made of bamboo, the quirky home can bear the weight of up to 20 people. Mr Yuezi says the tea pot is used as a dining hall where he can entertain guests – while the bird nest is his dedicated studio for painting, calligraphy and carving“. Dailymail

I would really love to know Mr. Yuezi and drink a cup of tea in his treehouse and watching him with fascination while he’s practicing calligraphy.

More pictures in the gallery below.

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