Taylor Camp

How to react to the brutality of the reality?
taylor camp

In the 1969 a group of thirteen young people from USA found a refuge from the brutality of the riots and Vietnam war to Kauai, an island of Hawaii.

“Island resident Howard Taylor, brother of actress Elizabeth, bailed out the group and invited them to camp on his vacant ocean front land. Howard then left them on their own, without any restrictions, regulations or supervision. Soon waves of hippies, surfers and troubled Vietnam vets found their way to this clothing-optional, pot-friendly tree house village at the end of the road on the island’s North Shore”. Taylor Camp

Taylor Camp was a “community that created order without rules, rejecting materialism for the healing power of nature”. Taylor Camp
taylor camp2

After eight years, in 1977, the state acquired the property; instead of the village a project for the Na Pali State Park was planned and the residents were evicted. Police burn the village to be sure that the people wouldn’t come back. Now instead of the Taylor Camp there’s a tourist car park with some pic-nic tables. It’s sad to say, but as usual money triumph.
I hope that other villages like the Taylor Camp could take place somewhere!

Meanwhile they made a documentary about the Taylor Camp, if you want to support them, visit their website: Taylor Camp.

Taylor Camp’s trailer

Pics by John Wehreim All rights reserved.

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