Sunland Baobab

One of the largest tree of the world, the oldest one and with …


When I see a big tree I’m always wondering what it could be inside, and if there’s a hole I always try to enter it, it gives you a strange feeling of protection and a new feeling of being for a while part of the tree or still being in the belly of your mum.


In South Africa there’s an enormous baobab, they called it Sunland Baobab, it’s one of the largest baobab in South Africa, with a circumference of 47 meter and reach a height of 20 meter circa. The peculiarity of an empty trunk, allowed to build a pub inside of the tree!
The pub is active since the 1933 and it’s of course one of the most popular attraction of this place.


More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Hannes Steyn

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