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Recently I was completely busy with a big project in Zurich, unfortunately not on a tree…

Sullalbero: Cernobbio, Como (Italy)



Now that the project has finished I have finally more time for HomeTreeHome.
In the last days I spoke with Davide of Sullalbero and he told me that meanwhile they built a lot of new treehouses (here you find an old post about them: HomeTreeHome & Sullalbero).

Sullalbero is the biggest company in Italy that can build you a treehouse, from te concept to the realization. A big team of experts will satisfy your needs and your desires!

Below a small selection of their realizations, but I suggest you to check their new website to see more treehouses! 🙂

Sullalbero: Il Nido, Rimini (Italy)

Sullalbero: Casale Monferrato (Italy)

Sullalbero: Villaggio degli gnomi, Peschiera Borromeo Idroscalo, Milan (Italy)

Pics by Sullalbero. All rights reserved.

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