Stairway to heaven or to hell?

I would say heaven since it’s a treehouse that I’m speaking about, but look at the stairs!

This stair is quite tricky, don’t you agree? The first time that I saw this picture, my attention was captured by the staircase. It seems so weak and fragile, like that from one moment to the other it could collapsed.
I don’t know where this treehouse is, from the vegetation I can suppose that it’s in a forest, maybe in Asia or South America, but I don’t really know.

What I found interesting of this treehouse is the contrast between the lightness and fragility of the stair and the firmness of the house.

It’s like if the branches from the tree came down to form the steps and the railing and the trunk gives the house its wood to cover its walls.
Just the leaves didn’t give some of them to the roof. It’s in fact a traditional roof of coconut fibre. Very typical of the first wooden house and treehouses that you can find in the tropical area or in the Asian part. The coconut fibre is in fact a very good natural material with different properties like the water absorption, permeability and free resistance.

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