Snowboard Treehouse and Friends

There’s no place like home!

obereggen 4
In the last days I moved for some days from Zürich to Obereggen (Bozen, Italy) to spend some time with my snowboard-friends.
I used to travel every weekend to this wonderful place when I was living in Italy, and every time that I go there, I’m surprised how beautiful are these mountains, the Dolomiti!
If you have never been there and you love the nature and the mountains I really suggest you to spend a holiday there at least once in your life!
And remember: don’t throw your trash and cigarettes from the chair lift or on the slopes, put it in the garbage bin!
obereggen 6

Anyway, we were snowboarding all together when they told me, “Let’s go to the treehouse”, I was feeling like a child. Reaching a treehouse by snowboard surrounded by my favourite mountains, with my friends, was like a dream! One of the best moment of this holiday!

Tnx to all my friends!

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