Sanyan Nanshan treehouse

Have you ever thought to pass your vacation in the South China Sea … but on a treehouse?

In the south of China Sea you can find a resort on treehouses for rent. Treehouses of Hawaii Inc. in partnership with Snya Nanshan Industry Dev Itd opened it. Four tree houses on beautiful old tamarind trees, on a top of a sand dune and close to the beach and a new 5000 acre Buddhist and ecological theme park have been built.

The first treehouse is the Big Beach in the Sky with a view n the Ocean and on the beach. People can have access just by a suspended bridge. Can sleep in six comfortably. The treehouse is based on two levels and people can sleep in six comfortably.
Instead of a house do you prefer a hotel? So you can stay at the Hawaiian Hale Hotel Treehouse, that can accommodate from 16 to 20 people in 7 different rooms on 3 levels. This hotel is in a forest closed to the lake and just two minutes from the beach.

Or you can simply relax in a the Guan Yin SPA above a Tamarind trees, obviously with a great view on the Ocean!

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Treehouse of Hawaii

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