Roomoon Hanging Treehouse

Do you love camping, participating at festivals or just being surrounded by the nature?
For this summer I have a new alternative for you!

“Being in the roomoon is like being in a balloon soaring through the tree canopies. You really feel like a part of something much bigger and more important.” Hanging Tent Company

This is the concept of this new way of living hanged on a tree.
Just four different elements compose this special tent:
– the Canvas: they are hand crafted and can be completely open up;
– the Floor: designed to be as portable as possible, it’s made of a light weight pine;
– the Frame: made of stales steel. You can easily disassemble to make this tent a practical and transportable one.
– the Hoist: “capable of lifting over 1 tonne with ease. the user need only to run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted in to the canopies”. Hanging Tent Company

For further information check the Hanging Tent Company‘s website.

Pic by Inhabitat. All rights reserved.

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