Ricardo Cabret and his treehouse

If you are an architect, you agree with me to think that this Treehouse thought by the artist Ricardo Cabret, could be linked to a Deconstructive Architecture.


In all his works, the talented artist from Puerto Rico, looks at the deconstruction of the elements, since “the deconstruction of each image” he says “allows chaotic elements to become tangible. The result is the decomposition of a complex system into basic units and shapes that are suspended by algorithmic equations“. Ricardo Cabret

In this drawing you at the first sight is simply a chaos, but if you look carefully, after a while, you can mentally fix the drawing and compose the idea of the treehouse, in a sort of puzzle, where each elements follow the other in a logical sequence.

For further information about this artist, check his website: Ricardo Cabret

Pic by Ricardo Cabret

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