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From today this blog is carbon neutral!

Thanx to, I could give life to an Oak in Göritz supporting a reforestation.

How it works is very simple: for every blog/website that agrees to this project DoveConviene plants a tree, where its oxygen production will balance the carbon dioxide’s emission that my blog/website produces.

Maybe just few of you know that a website produces every year 3,6 Kg of CO2, while a tree is able to absorb 5 Kg at year.

DoveConviene is trying to use the website to reduce the use of paper for flyers and advertising. You can now watch all the most popular flyers on the web and using iPhone-iPad and Android apps.

Moreover, DoveConviene remits to “I plat a tree”, a German NGO, for this project.

For more information visit

An important updating!!!

A responsible of gave me more information about this project.

Translation: Saving of CO2 by a tree (5Kg at year) – use of CO2 by blog/website (3,6 Kg at year) = my blog is CO2 NEUTRAL

As I already told, they are trying to reduce the use of paper for flyers and advertising using online-flyers on the website. In this way all the flyers and advertising of all the most popular brands, like IKEA, Auchan, Trony, …are now visible on the web.

DoveConviene plant the trees in collaboration with I plant a tree (you can see the project in Göritz here:, as I wrote before, is a German NGO, that has already realized reforestation operas.

In 12 months DoveConviene has already planted more than 1000 trees, but the project is not finished and they bet to plant other 1000 trees by the end of August! If this will happen, more trees will be plant!!

So, now it’s time to write something about this project also in your blog, to help them to arrive at 1000 trees!!!!

Translation: Help us to plant a tree for free for your blog, and become “carbon neutral”


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