Primeval Symbiosis

Would you love to live on a treehouse, but do you think that the trees could suffer for it and so you decided not to have a real treehouse?

primeveal symbiosis9

The Danish student of Design and Architecture, Konrad Wójcik, design an eco- “treehouse” project, for which he gained a special mention at the “D3 Natural Systems International Architectural Design Competition“.
“The aim was to design a structure that would not to have any footprint on the nature”.  Konrad Wójcik The project is thought for two people, but if needed, could be extended up to four people. Konrad take inspiration by the shape and the structure of a tree, why? “For most of the animals, trees are the best natural shelters against predators, moisture and weather. Coincidence? We must remember that in nature nothing is accidental. Everything has a reason an a purpose. It all balance out just like this project”. Konrad Wójcik

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This construction allows to create four different levels with different functions to each floor, with all the spaces that a real house can have. But there’s more, Konrad studied also a unit that could be self-sufficient, or how we say in architectural language, a passive house! He designed an “unit that would not require any connection to the local technical infrastructure. Thereby, the unit could be place anywhere in the world without disturbing local environment.   All of the newest an sustainable technologies from the energetic industry were implemented into this project in order to save and produce as much energy as possible. In case of any technical troubles, emergency source is provided”. And of course everything will be built using recycled material and Eco with Cradle to cradle certified.

primeveal symbiosis5

In this way, people can live surroundings by nature, respecting it! Anyway I want to remember you, that this is just an alternative solution to a treehouse, but there’re a lot of projects of treehouses -if you read the old posts, you can find them- that have been built respecting the nature, without the use of nails and structures that can damage the trees and the nature around!

For further information about this project, take a look at Konrad Wójcik‘s website.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Konrad Wójcik

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