Noma Bar Treehouse

A bird treehouse for human people.


This is the new treehouse for Treehouse Project commissioned by the Momuko Ando Cultural Foundation in Japan to the illustrator Noma Bar.
“Reaching nine metres in height, the Birds Eye View pavilion takes the form of a sitting bird in profile but looks like a giant folded leaf from the back. The section that forms the bird’s tail incorporates a set of steps within an angled structure similar to a canoe. The roof is striped with different tones of yellow and green, adding to its leaf-like appearance, and provides a shelter for the small platform at the top of the stairs. Visitors who climb up are presented with views over the woods towards Mount Asama – an active volcano in the centre of Japan’s main Honshū island.A team of 20 Japanese carpenters built the small structure, which is supported by the stump of a cherry blossom tree beneath the platform and anchored by another vertical element at the base of the stairs”. Dezeen

Seven structures are part of this project, including The bird apartment.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Dezeen


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