Nightmare before Christmas’ Treehouse

Halloween Night with a Tim Burton‘s movie and a special Treehouse!


“The Treehouse is the home of Lock, Shock, & Barrel, Oogie Boogie’s three henchmen. Its location is just outsideHalloween Town on the farside of the Graveyard Hill. The Tree is in the middle of a pit that makes up part of Oogie’s Lair. A small rope bridge leads to a cage shaped elevator that carries the three up into the house.

The house itself is the setting of the song Kidnap The Sandy Claws, and is loaded with bugs and torture devices. This includes bear traps, spiked clubs, axes, poison, a bathtub with legs, a catapult, and many other “toys””.Wikia

And if you are a Tim Burton’s lover, like me, don’t miss his exhibition “The World of Tim Burton” that is in Cologne (Germany) right now! I’ve already booked my flight and I can’t wait to be there!

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